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By Naomi Iizuka/directed by eric altheide  

-Design Statement-

Anon(ymous), by Naomi Iizuka is a modern retelling of the Greek classic, The Odyssey by Homer. Odysseus is replaced with Anon, a young refugee who is separated from his mother. On the journey to find his mother, he encounters many people, some who are helpful, and some who are dangerous. There is a chorus of refugees who function as a Greek chorus. My process was thorough, as I wanted to pay homage to these modern people who live without a home everyday, and who fight persecution from their country. Therefore I dove into my research by investigating real life refugees. This led to me real refugee camps. I was specifically extremely drawn to Yarkmouk Refugee Camp in Syria. Also included in my refugee research is portraits of refugee children, and refugee painting and art work. These neutral color palettes   represent how this refugee war has stripped their identity from them. The “Nice American Family” are in red, white and blue to create a strong contrast, as they serve as an archetypal privileged american family. They are juxtaposed against the other family that Anon encounters who own a curry takeout restaurant and have fled their native country. The panorama of characters in this play represent the diversity we find in today’s global society.

There are several characters in the play that pays homage to The Odyssey, such as Calista (Calypso) and Mr. Zyclo (Cyclops).

-Color Inspirations- 

-Refugee Research- 

*I collected many photos during my research, to where I put them in a research bible and referenced during my fittings. Several photos are from refugees from across the globe.*

-The Chorus of Refugees- 

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-Nemasani and The Sewing Ladies-

Original Shop Rendering for Sewing Ladies Aprons

-Senator Laius/Helen Laius/Nice American Family-

Original Shop Line Rendering for Helen Laius' Dress


-Ali/Nasreen/Ritu, or "Other Family"-

-Pascal- West African Makeup Scar Research (Refugee research applies to costume) 

-Ali- Shrapnel Scars Makeup Research 

-Mr. zyclo & Pet Bird- 

-Zyclo Research- 

Original Shop Line Rendering for Bird's Dress

-Bird Research- 

-Zyclo Prosthetic Eye Patch w/ Claw Marks Research and Photos- 




-Yuri Mackus-