John Merritt III
Costume Designer · Crafts Artisan· Wardrobe Supervisor· Stitcher

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Costume Crafts

As a costume designer, I can appreciate the amount of work it takes to create looks to come to life, and sometimes crafts are needed to add specific elements to make a costume look whole. 
Fall of 2016, I took a costume crafts class and was exposed to different projects of the craft world. This included mask making, and jewelry making. I was then assigned Costume Crafts Artisan fall of my junior year for our production of Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play. I was able to explore different processes of mask making when I experimented with making a mask made of Thermoplastics/Varaform when I costumed designed Anon(ymous) later that year.
Aside from mask making, I am also experienced in millinery as I also made several hats summer of 2017, when I was a costume crafts intern for Great River Shakespeare Festival. I was assigned as the Costume Crafts Artisan for the intern/apprentice production done by festival, Henry VI: The Rise of Richard. 
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