John Merritt III
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Costume Design 

I first began my costume design journey in Spring of 2015, when I was given the opportunity to costume design the one act plays Venus In Fur and Fool for Love. I was  inspired by his upperclassmen costume design peers, and was looking for an outlet for creativity and artistic endeavors that could challenge me as theatre artist. I also took two costume design classes, where I could experiment with unrealized costume designs in class. In these classes, I  created the unrealized designs for The Tempest, Henry V and Insurrection: Holding History. Then I went on to costume design Tennessee Williams beloved, The Glass Menagerie of fall of my junior year, as this was my first mainstage production for University of Southern Indiana. That spring, I costume designed Crumbs from The Table of Joy by Lynn Nottage, and fall of my senior year I worked on my last undergraduate costume design project, Anon(ymous) by Naomi Iizuka. I have has appreciated the opportunities I was given during my time at University of Southern Indiana, and hope to continue this journey in costume design in graduate school. 

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Realized Costume Designs 


Theoretical Costume Designs