John Merritt III
Costume Designer · Crafts Artisan· Wardrobe Supervisor· Stitcher

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I first started costume jewelry when I took a costume crafts class, and one assignment we were given was to make egyptian inspired jewelry. 

Egyptian Inspired Beaded Collar 

 Start building the frame of the egyptian collar with thin wires. Pinned and taped into place for placement for beading. 

After I had the frame wired, I started beading hundreds of beads onto the frames of the collar. I started with the front piece, and worked my way to the back. I still pinned the piece onto the form and then joined them together creating a "seam" along the shoulder to connect the front and back. 

Close up views of the Beading 

Close up of Front/Back Views, Clasps on the side seams, and a closeup of the gold leafed clay stones I baked