John Merritt III
Costume Designer · Crafts Artisan· Wardrobe Supervisor· Stitcher

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Fall of 2016, I took my first stage makeup class where I could experiment with different ways to do makeup. We studied corrective makeup, middle age, old age, and did some fantasy projects. In Fall of 2016, I was recruited to assist the Zombie Run 5k on campus, where students dress up as zombies and race/attack others. I enjoy experimenting with different types of makeup and different styles for fun. 

Zombie Run Makeup 

Class Projects

Middle Age- Different Levels. Hard vs. Soft

Old Age on Myself

Old Age on Classmate 


Gunshot Wound/Bruises (Created the gunshot wound with liquid Latex)

Fantasy Class Projects

Take on Chesire Cat

Ventriloquist Dummy

Carnival/Cirus Ventriloquist Doll

Personal Projects 


Pop Art