John Merritt III
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Other Craft Projects 

Craft Roses for Henry VI: The Rise of Richard. Intern Apprentice Production for Great River Shakespeare Festival, Summer 2017

As costume crafts intern, I was assigned as the costume crafts artisan for our intern apprentice show at Great River Shakespeare Festival. I was commisioned to make about 40 roses that were needed for the actors to be on the costume, which determined which side they were on during The War of Roses in the play. Because I was on a tight budget, I came up with the idea to make the roses using egg cartons. They needed to be detachable for the actors to take on and off when they switch sides at times during the play, so I attached magnets to the backside of the roses, and we had to sew in small pockets into the actor's costumes. Here I will show the step by step process of making these craft roses. 
Step 1: Tear egg cartons into sixths. 

Step 2: Tear the egg cartons into three seperates. 

Step 4: Tear along the inside edges of each "petal" 

Step 5: Clean up the edges by rounding them up by tearing. 

Step 6: Using hot glue, start gluing the rose petals into layers. Layer each petal to where they don't line up the same, as if its "blooming" 

Step 7: Cut a strip from the egg carton for the middle. 

Step 8: Curl the strip.

Step 9: Hot Glue the curl in the middle of the layered petals. 

Making the egg carton roses in Bulk 

Begin Spray painting the roses. In this case I did 28 per color.  Red vs. White. 

Detail painting to add depth among the colors in the roses. (highlights, lowlights, shadow). Also, hot glue the magnets onto the backside of all the roses. 

Roses Attached to a costume piece. 

Roses attached to an actor 

Roses attached to a rose bush that was lowered during the first scene of the play. Chicken wire based, the magnets easy stuck on the bush so the actors could "pick" the roses. 

Production Images 

Production Photos by Amy Frye & Benjamin Boucvalt