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The Moors
by Jen Silverman 

Theoretical Class Project: University of Tennessee-Knoxville- Spring 2019

Design Statement 

 My concept is for the moors is based around the idea of the dreary English moors themselves, as they are the environment from which the action happens. Initially reading the play, I was immediately imagining fog and mist so thick its unseeable, as fog can represent mystery and clouded reality and disillusionment. The environment, tone and mood of the play all circles back to the mystery of what’s happening in the moors. I took inspiration from several different areas of English Moors and different times of days. My color palettes are muted color variations that correspond to the different types of fog/mist in The Moors. This class project was also a historical detail project to where we had to draw each undergarment, detail that was associated with each garment of the costume we designed. 

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